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Here is another USB drive that is not showing up when plugged in. This unit also had a damaged connector that we tried to repair on Friday last week, but we were not able to get it to work. Most likely the connector repair process was not successful due to some other vital component being damaged.

Usually, for unsuccessful connector procedures on Sandisk and other common flash drives that we have in our inventory, we would locate a donor flash drive that has identical controller, PCB layout and capacity. This insures that memory component swap will be successful as shown in these videos:
1. PNY/Sandisk unit with only the NAND swap –
2. No Nane flash drive with only the NAND swap –

However, in this case we did not have a complete match, but we did have a unit that had identical PCB layout but a 16GB version instead of 8GB and a different controller part number. For data recovery process we chose to swap over controller and NAND chip from a failed PCB to a working donor.

In this video you will see exactly what we did to recover data from this USB drive that was not showing up when plugged in originally, and after connector repair.

This case was done for Make a Wish Foundation, and we really tried to do everything we can to make this recover process a success. Last option for data retrieval would be off-the-chip recovery if the process that we’ve performed did not work out.

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