Sooner or later, everyone will experience a corrupted memory card in their camera. This is a short tutorial that provides at least one solution to this problem.

Please note. Sometimes you may receive the following error when using ChkDsk:

“The type of filesystem is RAW”

This means that ChkDsk cannot identify the filesystem, which usually results from a corrupted SD card that ChkDsk cannot fix. If you receive this error, the problems are beyond ChkDsk’s ability to fix them.

One thing to point out – this is not a 100% fix. If your computer does not recognize the SD card, it may be corrupted beyond the ability of ChkDsk to fix it. If this occurs, the LAST RESORT is to format the card, then run ChkDsk.

When you format the card, it should be readable again – but all of your photos will be gone. However, as long as you do a “quick format” in Windows (leave that box checked), a file recovery utility such as “Recuva” (you can download it free) can recover the files.

However, if you do a long format in Windows – or select low-level format in a Canon camera, you will NOT be able to recover the files using Recuva or any other file recovery utility.

Since there is a chance of losing your files, formatting then recovering files can be a lengthy process, and should be only considered as a last resort.

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