PC3K Monitor is a non-commercial plugin for PC3000 which simultaneously collects data from all PC3000 units where it was installed enabling you to monitor remotely active tasks on several computers using web browser or smartphone app.

User interface provides you with fast task overview and some basic task management.

It was developed by HddSurgery team, with the approval and help from Ace Lab company from Russia. It was designed as a friendly tool to save time and boost the productivity while working with the PC3000 software.

Currently it supports PC3000 Express and PC3000 UDMA-E versions.


– Full task overview and simple task management from multiple PC3000 units

– View single task with more details like disk model, serial

– Simple task management (power off, power on, stop, sleep)

– Automatically hides closed tasks

System requirements:

Plugin: PC3000 Express, UDMA-E 6.2.118 with DataExtractor 5.5.2 or newer, internet connection

Android app: Android 4.0 or newer

Installation process:

1. Complete registration on pc3kmonitor.hddsurgery.com

2. Download the file (button Download for Windows), run setup and, when asked, provide login details you used to register on step 1. PCName parameter should be unique for particular machine

3. If you are using PC3000 Express, start it and import PC3KMonitorExp.spf to your scripts. If you are using PC3000 UDMA-Express, start it and import PC3KMonitorUDMAE.spf to your scripts. This file can be found here: C:Program Files (x86)HDDSurgeryPC3KMonitor Plugin

4. To run script automatically at PC3000 startup append ” -run:PC3KMon” to your shortcut “Target” parameter. Mind the empty space before the hyphen-minus (-).

5. Install app on your smartphone, and use login credentials from step 1

6. If you want to use the monitor through your desktop or laptop, enter pc3kmonitor.hddsurgery.com in your web browser, and use credentials from step 1 to login

If you have any questions or advice, send us a message using the contact form below or on email support (at) hddsurgery.com


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Copyright: HddSurgery doo


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