When your hard drive fails, it can start to smoke, trapping your data within (and possibly setting off your smoke detector if it’s bad enough).

Too much heat—and too much electricity—can burn out parts of a hard drive’s control board. This can cause the smoking hard drive to exhibit its inflammatory behavior. Often, the culprit behind a smoking hard drive is a power surge.

These power surges happen most frequently in the summer when thunderstorms are more common. Forcing more electricity through a hard drive’s control board than it was designed to handle is a bit like trying to fill a water balloon with a firehose. Even if a power surge only lasts a few nanoseconds, in that short time frame it can cram enough power through your hard drive to scorch the electronics.

This, of course, is very bad news for your computer’s electronics and can cause it to start smoking.

If you’ve lost data due to a smoking hard drive, the professional hard drive repair experts at Gillware can recover your data and help you get back on your feet.

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