what’s up YouTube this is a quick video about flash drives that can be repaired by attempting a memory transplant on the device that failed so basically what we got here is the two identical flash drives that the customer provided us with and one of them stopped getting recognized so we need to recover information that’s on there in order to do that what we’re going to do is remove the memory from the working one clean up the pads on it remove the memory from the failed one and use the failed memory on the working PCB so as you guys just saw this technique works quite well and we were able to recover everything on for that flash drive the client is super happy and it literally took no time to perform my suggestion when you buy a flash drive always buy two of the same kind at the same place higher capacity devices may require we bowling if you’re trying to get this done with the BGA or tlg a memory component packages but tea SOP should not be a problem with anybody who has access to a good soldering equipment and microscope that being said recovery off the chip is always an option as well and if we didn’t have a compatible donor that’s the route that we would choose for this specific case if you guys have any questions regarding the process regarding the tools I used or anything else really regarding the data recovery subject feel free to post them in the comments below I will also have my contact information on the screen right now I really hope you guys enjoyed this presentation so hit like if you did and subscribe to this channel because there’s more to come and I will definitely see you guys next time if you’re running a PC shop that is encountering these kind of issues on regular basis and don’t have full set of tools or can handle certain projects on your own feel free to reach out to us we’ll be glad to assist you guys and hopefully partner up for the future projects as well so thank you very much again and I will see you next time

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